Mom's Kitchen Demos

by Maggie Dave

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This EP contains a handful of demos I wrote & recorded in my mom's kitchen using my laptop mic during the summer of 2016. They're scrappy, but honest. That's enough for me.

*Suggested listening experience: Grab a pair of headphones and your portable music device, wait until it's 2:00 A.M., then press play on the first footfall of the first step you take down the street you grew up on. Listen to the entire album as you walk, and when you reach the last second of the last track, stand in the middle of wherever you are and repeat your name five times aloud. If you're not close to your childhood home, a dark room and a pair of closed eyes will do.


released November 6, 2016

Music & lyrics by Sean David Christensen
All songs performed, programmed & produced by Maggie Dave
Album artwork:
Artist photograph by David Luraschi -




Maggie Dave Los Angeles, California

Maggie Dave is the music project of artist/filmmaker Sean David Christensen.

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Track Name: Family Tree

I’m getting out of the city.
I’m getting out of the city.

My best friend had a baby,
and these streets make me feel so old.
Never really felt the need to plant my family tree—
cause there ain’t that much of me to go around.
“When you gonna finally settle down?”
She always asked me.

I used to, used to,
I used to do a lot of things.
But lately I, I don’t really try as hard,
As I used to used to.

Feeling tame,
and my Saturday nights are kinda lame.
Video games and diet pepsi—it don’t taste the same.
I’m getting out of the city,
living here used to make sense when I was 25.
But everybody moved away—and I just kinda stayed behind.
I drove past our old school and they finally tore down the old sign.

And they're gonna tear me down.

I just got a brand new phone,
and I'm sorry but I don’t have a clue who you are.
Could be Jenny or John,
I haven’t spoken to you in so long.

What’s it like living in San Diego?
Do you still play the guitar?
Sorry to hear about your mom,
she was so strong.
I really tried to pick up the phone but it hurt too much.
And I promise I'll do a better job of keeping in touch,
cause I miss you.
I miss you miss you miss so much.
Track Name: I Guess I've Always Loved You

Heard you caught a plane,
and I hope it flies on wings that never fade.
Cause you're made,
of stronger things than this song could ever hope to sing.
I know it's hard to babysit a dream.

But don't give up, cause it looks up to you.
And I do too.
Cause I guess I've always loved you.

Bigger than the brightest star you shined.

Swing my love in circles around and let the good times roll.
Don't worry baby hold on tight,
and if you get tired you can rest on my shoulder all night.
And I guess this is our last dance,
guess this is my last chance,
to let you know how I feel,
before you finally move to LA.
And I hope you fly on wings that never fade.

And if you don't believe it, you really should—
cause if you can do it, I could too...I suppose.
I guess that's the way that love goes.
Track Name: I Wonder if he Knows

I wonder if it shows?
I wonder if he knows?
Did I put too much on my face this time?
Too much blue around my eyes?

Wonder if he knows I saved all of his texts.
Even the ones that just say, "ok."
Why'd I have to make my lips so red?
Maybe it's all in my head.

I wonder if he knows.
Track Name: Fire Burns Everything

Tell me some more about this party.
How many people are there gonna be?
Have to admit that I’m a bit more than nervous,
when I think of which faces that I'm gonna see.

I tried my best to keep it a secret.
But I’m pretty sure that everyone knows.
Just keep smiling even though they're all staring,
as I feel myself shrink inside my clothes.

"Samantha said that you went crazy."
"Oh my god oh god is that true?"
That’s what they’re all probably thinking,
each time I get up and I leave the room.

But I don’t want no hand on my shoulder,
feels like an electrical shock.
And all it does is remind me,
of everything I’m trying to be but I’m not.

Last night I dreamt about a volcano,
red and coming out of the ground.
My feet were sinking and the walls were on fire,
and the door was locked I couldn’t get out.

I tried to save some family pictures,
but I had to leave a lot behind.
And as I saw them burn,
all I could think is that there’s never enough time.

You knew where to find me, but you don’t.
And you always promise me that you’ll call me back,
but we both know that you probably won’t.

I was burning and I needed your help.
I was burning and I needed your help.

And when I see you at the party,
maybe I’ll tell you all about my dream.
Cause people change when you fall asleep,
and fire burns everything.
Track Name: Dating Again

Don't really wanna be your friend,
just started dating again.
And I'm sorry if that stings or seems a little too direct,
but that's the best that you're gonna get.
See, I used to be in love a couple of weeks ago but then I got bored.
Now I'm looking for that special someone who lets me fuck them once in awhile.
Maybe that someone is you,
if that's what you wanna do.

Don't really wanna share a laugh or two,
just one—the dumber the joke the better.
Cause dumb is a lot more fun,
than trying to get down to the bottom of why we still hang out together.
See lately your hugs have started getting just a little too long,
and your kisses don't have as much tongue,
and you really shouldn't take yourself so seriously—
when it's three in the morning and I send you a pic of my dick,
what's the matter?
You've seen it before,
by the way, happy birthday—you're 34.

Don't really wanna be your friend.

Don’t really wanna be your friend.
I’m sorry it’s late.
I’ve been drinking again.
The past few days have been rough,
my ex finally came by to pick up the last of her stuff.
“You deserve to be happy.”
That was the last thing she said to me.
But honestly, I’ll be just fine.
Now the apartment’s all mine,
I’m gonna have myself a really good time.
A really good time.

And you don’t have to, if you don’t want to.
I promise not to be weird,
and we don’t have to meet here.
It’s just, my room feels small with all this space,
and every empty wall and mirror seems to laugh in my face.
They say, “A man like you needs a maid, to clean up all his mistakes,
and give a weary laugh at every joke that cuts too deep.”
And when she asks you, “What are you thinking of?”
You pray she’ll never realize you’re terrified of falling in love.

I don’t know who I am,
but I know I’m strange,
but I promise I can change.
And I want you to like me,
but not too much.
And I need you to just leave me alone,
but keep me in your thoughts.

And I'm sorry I think everything's a joke—it's just the way I cope.
Cause nothing laughs louder than the silence of a one-room apartment.
I hold on to every little thing she did,
cause now I’m all alone the little things are big.

And you deserve to be happy.
You deserve to be happy.
You deserve to be happy.
You deserve to be happy.
Track Name: Candle (For Lulu)

Every memory I have of a friend is a candle,
and they shine in the dark when I'm afraid or feeling blue.
And every memory that shines has a name – this one's called Lulu.
I don't remember a few but I'll always remember you.

Like that time we shared a pair of headphones on the bus,
and our ears touched as we counted the tired people.
And though I never really liked your favorite song,
I couldn't help but sing along,
cause I was happy and I loved to see you smile.

Cause whenever you sat next to me,
your smile fixed everything,
and I'd do anything to sit next to you again.

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